20 years is a major milestone for an institution, as it is for an individual.Our celebration is not so much a festivity, but a solemn occasion to pause and look back at this twenty year journey.A moment to look ahead at the mountains we must still climb.In the coming weeks and months we will reflect on how faithful we have been to their vision and ideals.


Team building, teamwork and team player are terms that everyone seems to use when describing a work place. Companies know that a successful team can produce incredible results and it is up to the company to equip their teams with what they need to succeed. Everyone wants to be on the winning team. Unfortunately, without the proper understanding and team building training, most team building events produce more team injuries than team building results. That’s why our team building programs are crafted to give team leaders and members the tools and skills needed to produce repeatable and lasting results. So that everyone will laugh and have fun learning the rules of the game, but more importantly they will leave wanting to play again and with the same team members.